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Dias de Santiago
Dias de Santiago
Peru, 2004, 83 Minute Running Time
Program: Contemporary World Cinema
Language: Spanish English Sub-Titles

Think TAXI DRIVER in Peru. A 23-year-old war veteran returns to Lima after spending six years fighting terrorists, the Peruvian drug mafia, and a nationalist war against Ecuador. Unable to smoothly transition back home, his life starts to spin out of control.

DIRECTOR: Josué Méndez
Producer: Enid Campos
Editor: Roberto Benavides Espino
Screenwriter: Josué Méndez
Cinematographer: Juan Durán
Music: Mogambo, Manuel larroche
Principal Cast: Pietro Sibille, Milagros Vidal, Marisela Puicón, Lili Urbina
Filmography: Debut Feature Film

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