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Wednesday, June 01, 9:00 PM
Broadway Performance Hall
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Harvard Exit
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The Hunter
Kazakhstan, 2004, 93 Minute Running Time
Genres: Coming of Age, Drama
Program: Contemporary World Cinema
Language: Kazakh English Sub-Titles

In this lyrical Kazakh western, a 12-year-old juvenile delinquent is taken into the mountains by a hunter, where the boy learns how to breathe, to love, and to give up the coldness of his adolescence. Serik Aprymov's camera sculpts the immense landscapes of the Steppes into mysterious, poetic, and picturesque images.

DIRECTOR: Serik Aprymov
Producer: Gulmira Aprymova
Editor: Dina Bersugurova, Tatiana Suhorukova
Screenwriter: Serik Aprymov
Cinematographer: Hasan Kidiraliev
Music: Kazbek Spanov
Principal Cast: Dogdurbek Kidiraliev, Alibek Zhuasbaev, Gulnazid Omarova, Ihtimbaev Nurzhuman, Zhambota Iskakov
Filmography: Three Brothers (2000); Dream in Dream (1993)

Ellison Center/Russia E.E.S.C.

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