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Monday, May 30, 9:30 PM
Neptune Theatre
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Wednesday, June 01, 4:30 PM
Egyptian Theatre
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Land of Plenty
USA, 2004, 123 Minute Running Time
Genres: Political, Road Movie
Program: New American Cinema

In Wim Wender’s latest soul-searching road movie, Lana is a Christian missionary back in Los Angeles volunteering at a homeless shelter. When she and her militant uncle witness a drive-by shooting of a homeless Middle Eastern man, the event provokes divergent reactions to poverty and patriotism in a post-9/11 United States.

DIRECTOR: Wim Wenders
Producer: Gary Winick, Hake Abraham, In-Ah Lee, Samson Mucke
Editor: Moritz Laube
Screenwriter: Michael Meredith, Wim Wenders
Cinematographer: Franz Lustig
Music: Thom & Nackt
Principal Cast: John Diehl, Michelle Williams, Richard Edson, Wendell Pierce, Shaun Toub
Filmography: Buena Vista Social Club (1999); The End of Violence (1997); Wings of Desire (1987); Paris, Texas (1984); American Friend (1977); Kings of the Road (1976); Alice in the Cities (1974)

American Airlines

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