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Past Screenings
Saturday, May 28, 7:15 PM
Harvard Exit
Date has passed.
Monday, May 30, 4:15 PM
Harvard Exit
Date has passed.

United Kingdom, 1975, 85 Minute Running Time
Genres: Drama, Experimental
Program: Archival Presentations

Unheroic yet elegiac, OVERLORD follows an ordinary young Englishman from his induction into the army to his participation in the D-Day invasion. Authentic World War II footage is seamlessly cut into a fiction story shot beautifully by Stanley Kubrick’s favorite cinematographer, John Alcott. 30th Anniversary!
Director Stuart Cooper scheduled to attend both screenings

DIRECTOR: Stuart Cooper
Producer: James Quinn
Screenwriter: Stuart Cooper, Christopher Hudson
Cinematographer: John Alcott
Music: Paul Glass, Robert O. Ragland
Principal Cast: Brian Skinner, Davyd Harries, Nicholas Ball, Julie Neesam, Sam Sewell
Filmography: The Disappearance (1977); Little Malcolm (1974); Kelly’s Country (1973); A Test of Violence (1970)

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