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Monday, May 30, 7:00 PM
Neptune Theatre
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Thursday, June 02, 4:45 PM
Egyptian Theatre
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Letter from an Unknown Woman
Yi feng mo sheng nu ren de lai xi
China, 2004, 90 Minute Running Time
Genre: Drama
Programs: Contemporary World Cinema, Women in Cinema
Language: Mandarin

In pre-communist Beijing, a woman conducts a heartbreakingly one-sided love affair with an impervious writer. Director/star Xu Jinglei dares to tackle a story already beloved by cinephiles (via Max Ophuls’ unforgettable 1948 version) and delivers a sumptuously lovely, subtly feminist rendition.

DIRECTOR: Xu Jinglei
Producer: Ping Dong, Xu Jinglei, Yijun Zhao
Editor: Zhang Yi Fan
Screenwriter: Xiu Jinglei
Cinematographer: Li Ping Bin
Music: Kobota Osama, Lin Han
Principal Cast: Xu Jinglei, Jiang Wen
Filmography: My Father and I (2003)

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