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Bars in the Memory
Rejas en la memoria
Spain, 2004, 80 Minute Running Time
Genres: Documentary, Political
Program: Refracting Reality
Language: Spanish English Sub-Titles

This groundbreaking documentary uncovers the forgotten history surrounding Franco's concentration camps and prisons, created to deal with the Republican resistance fighters from the Spanish Civil War in 1936. Exploring a subject that has long been taboo in Spain, BARS IN THE MEMORY revisits stories of camp survivors forced to rebuild a country devastated by war and isolated from the world.

DIRECTOR: Manuel Palacios
Producer: Macarena Ray
Editor: Pite Peñas
Screenwriter: Pite Peñas, Manuel Palacios
Cinematographer: Eduardo Mangada
Music: Alvaro de Cardenas
Filmography: Picasso y sus Mujeres (2003); Homofamilias (2002); Gitano (2000); La Jovenes Flamencos (1993)

Consulate General of Spain

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