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Monday, May 23, 4:30 PM
Broadway Performance Hall
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Tuesday, May 24, 9:30 PM
Harvard Exit
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Two Great Sheep
Hao Da Yi Dui Yang
China, 2004, 100 Minute Running Time
Genre: Drama
Program: Contemporary World Cinema
Language: Mandarin English Sub-Titles

In this strikingly beautiful allegory, Liu Hao observes with wit and warmth the simplicity of rural Chinese manners and the connection people of the land have with their animals, as a village elder is recruited to care for two prize sheep.

Producer: Lola Zhang
Editor: Quai Jinglin, Liu Hao
Screenwriter: Liu Hao
Cinematographer: Li Bingqiang
Music: Xu Zhitong
Principal Cast: Sun Yunkun, Jiang Zhikun, Yang Zuojiu
Filmography: Chen Mo and Meiting (2002)

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