"I mean you're not born a gay, you're born again!" (Saved!, 2004)


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Tuesday, May 24, 7:15 PM
Harvard Exit
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Thursday, May 26, 2:00 PM
Harvard Exit
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Switzerland, 2004, 94 Minute Running Time
Genres: Political, Thriller
Program: Contemporary World Cinema
Language: French English Sub-Titles

Taut political thriller. Alex is an activist bent on disrupting the world’s financial infrastructure with a computer virus. He wakes up after a traffic accident not knowing if he put his plan into action or not, sifting through factual and fictitious memories while gripped by the desire to know the truth.

DIRECTOR: Romed Wyder
Producer: Romed Wyder
Editor: Orsola Valenti
Screenwriter: Romed Wyder, Yves Mugny, Maria Watzlawick
Cinematographer: Denis Jutzeler
Music: Bernard Trontin
Principal Cast: Vincent Bonillo, Irene Godel, Francois Nadin, Delphine Lanza
Filmography: No Coffee, No TV, No Sex (1999)

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