"I was thinking of something a little less gangsta." (Saved!, 2004)


Past Screenings
Friday, June 10, MIDNIGHT
Neptune Theatre
Date has passed.
Sunday, June 12, 3:45 PM
Uptown Theater
Date has passed.

South Korea, 2004, 107 Minute Running Time
Genre: Horror
Program: Midnight Adrenaline
Language: Korean

Korean soldiers searching for a missing platoon in 1972 Vietnam end up encountering forces that basic training never prepared them for. Giving new meaning to the phrase “the horrors of war,” R-POINT exists at the goose-flesh-inducing intersection of APOCALYPSE NOW and THE RING.
Director Gong Su-chang scheduled to attend both screenings

DIRECTOR: Gong Su-chang
Producer: Jang Yun-hyeon
Editor: Na-yeong Nam
Screenwriter: Gong Su-chang, Pil Yeong-woo
Cinematographer: Hyeong-jing Seok
Principal Cast: Gam Woo-seong, Son Byeong-ho, Oh Tae-gyeong, Park Weon-sang
Filmography: Debut Feature Film

Jones Soda Co., Scarecrow Video, Speakeasy

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