"I mean you're not born a gay, you're born again!" (Saved!, 2004)

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Past Screenings
Saturday, May 21, 1:45 PM
Broadway Performance Hall
Date has passed.

C'est la Femme
88 Minute Running Time
Program: Short Film Packages

Our diverse collection of new short works by women directors.

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Packaged Films...


All Fall Down
USA, 2004, 5 min.
A little girl challenges her mother to pick: if only she or her brother could live, who would her mom choose? Director Rebecca Ormond scheduled to attend... more


Below the Break
USA, 2004, 18 min.
With the help of her roommate, a young paraplegic woman ventures into the New Orleans' nightlife in an effort to explore her sexuality.... more


Between Baronovskys
USA, 2004, 19 min.
Since her husband's death, Helen has been slowly drifting from eccentric to crazy--riding on garbage trucks, bathing in public fountains ... "if lost please return me to my sister and brother-in-law." Director Kim Levin scheduled to attend... more


Cat's Bad Hair Day
USA, 2004, 16 min.
Chased by boys, teased by girls, ignored by her dad, thirteen year old Alicia is becoming a woman whether she likes it or not. Director Debby Wolfe scheduled to attend... more


United Kingdom, 2004, 10 min.
Ruth is a socially awkward young girl trying to understand the mysterious world of sex, which every one around her already seems to know about. But, between her anti-porn activist mother and her mocking classmates, she’s going to have to find her own way.... more


The Moor
USA, 2004, 20 min.
Two old friends run into each other late one night in a bar, but how exactly do this elderly woman and middle-aged man know one another, and why do they act so familiar? Based on the short story by Russell Banks. Director Caerthan Banks scheduled to attend... more

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