"To tell you the truth, I lied a little." (Chinatown, 1974)

Films/¡Cinema Fantastico!

Past Screenings
Saturday, May 28, 9:15 PM
Broadway Performance Hall
Date has passed.

¡Cinema Fantastico!
104 Minute Running Time
Program: Short Film Packages

Showcasing wide-ranging talent from Spanish-speaking countries all around the world.

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Packaged Films...


Cañas Man vs. Killer Barra
Spain, 2004, 15 min.
Join us for a brisk, stylish visit to a Friday afternoon at the Kiosk bar, where sex, class, greed, and love collide.... more


El Ortodoncista
USA, 2004, 12 min.
When the village orthodontist takes his family to the circus, he discovers the greatest orthodontic challenge of his career. But is taking it on an act of kindness or obsession? Director Chris Gehl scheduled to attend... more


Genesis 3:19
Mexico, 2004, 18 min.
Fulfilling a friend’s bizarre dying wish – for his ashes to be swallowed by the woman he secretly loves – may drastically alter Eric’s life forever.... more


Spain, 2004, 16 min.
Four nameless characters each struggle to express their unrequited love for one another. A bittersweet tale about the ironies of attraction.... more


The Treasure of the Snails
Chile, 2004, 15 min.
Quique discovers a valuable treasure, but must commit a crime to keep it. Fearing for their mentally impaired son, his parents help him cover up the crime. Or do they?... more


Spain, 2004, 20 min.
In a gourmet restaurant located atop a barren mountaintop, the food is the most exquisite in the world, but such a delicious meal comes with a price.... more


The War That Never Was
Argentina, 2004, 8 min.
Dueling peanut vendors fight for customers on the streets of New York City.... more

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