"War is hell; but peace, peace is fucking boring." (Buffalo Soldiers, 2001)

Films/The Family Picture Show

Past Screenings
Saturday, May 21, 11:00 AM
Egyptian Theatre
Date has passed.

The Family Picture Show
85 Minute Running Time
Programs: Films4Families, Short Film Packages

A family-friendly collection of animated and live-action short films.

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Packaged Films...


Agricultural Report
Ireland, 2004, 3 min.
While feeding in a field, a cow listens to some distressing news over the radio.... more


Backwards Boy
Ireland, 2004, 12 min.
Born with his head facing the wrong way, Cúilín Dualach is the object of ridicule from all but his loving mother… until the day he discovers his own unique talent.... more


Catching Kringle
USA, 2004, 15 min.
America’s obsession with home-security has forced Santa Claus and his elves to employ paramilitary tactics in order to get his gifts to the children on time. But when Gen. “Naughty” Needham declares Santa a National Security Threat, a rookie elf has to help them both rediscover the spirit of Christm... more


The Demon Within
USA, 2004, 5 min.
A demon plays out on his subversive desire to do good deeds.... more


Dog's Life
Kazakhstan, 2004, 7 min.
A crafty boy, with the help of his loyal dog, sets about securing his evening meal at the local outdoor market.... more


Australia, 2004, 11 min.
A little boy learns the realities of life and death while studying his ant farm in this sweet fable of young innocence.... more


Ha Ha (Mother)
Australia, 2005, 11 min.
A whole ecosystem of origami animals come alive when a young boy and his mother are left alone.... more


In the Rough
USA, 2004, 5 min.
Thrown out of the cave by his wife, a disgraced caveman must prove his worth before gaining re-entry.... more


Ireland, 2004, 3 min.
Luka moves through a world of adventures as he pursues a stray balloon.... more


The Mantis Parable
USA, 2004, 8 min.
A Pixar-esque fable of longing, rebirth and redemption. Director Joshua Staub scheduled to attend... more


The Stairs
2004, 5 min.
A little girl’s trip to a crowded mall takes a frightening, surreal turn.... more

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