"Well, who says relationships have to last forever?" (Before Sunrise, 1995)


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Saturday, May 28, 1:00 PM
Harvard Exit
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Zhan Tai
China, 2000, 155 Minute Running Time
Program: Emerging Masters
Language: Mandarin

SA Chinese musical comedy troupe is a metaphor for radical social change in the 1980s, as its early earnest communist stance is superceded by rock, disco and punk phases. Cool and elliptical in style, director Jia works on a large canvas and turns the world into a stage.

DIRECTOR: Jia Zhang-ke
Producer: Kit Ming-li
Editor: Kong Jing-lei
Screenwriter: Jia Zhang-ke
Cinematographer: Yu Li-wqai
Music: Hanno Yoshihiro
Principal Cast: Wang Hong-wei, Tao Zhao, Liang Jing-dong , Yang Tian-yi
Filmography: The World (2004); Unknown Pleasures (2002); Pickpocket (1997)

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The World
China, 2004, 140 min.
A young dancer and her security guard boyfriend work at Beijing’s Window to the World theme park, and their troubled romance drives the narrative. The latest triumph from Jia Zhang-ke (PLATFORM, UNKNOWN PLEASURES) is about people who aren't sure where they belong in the new, globalized world order.... more

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