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Cinema Seattle. Presenter of the Seattle International Film Festival
Exploding Cinema

Exploding Cinema looks to push the boundaries of cinematic experience by questioning the traditional roles of film, filmmaker, and audience. Reflecting our rapidly changing world, today’s artists are incorporating a wide range of influences into their work, inventing new ways to experience and interact with the moving image. By encompassing elements of visual art, design, and music, the range of film’s possibility is ever growing through redefinition and innovation. Artists are aiding cinema’s escape from the theater by fostering new homes in clubs, galleries, and computers, making the form more fluid and accessible. In this sense, the medium is exploding conceptually, creatively, and spatially.

Exploding Cinema celebrates the emergence of these new forms of cinema, reaching across the globe to bring to Seattle audiences some of the most important, groundbreaking work from both local and international artists.

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