SIFF Group is a non-profit, membership driven organization dedicated to enriching the cultural landscape of the Pacific Northwest through the cinematic arts. In addition to producing the Seattle International Film Festival, SIFF Group offers exceptional year-round programming with Talking Pictures and the Screenwriters Salon.

We rely on the support of our members to sustain and grow the Pacific Northwest's premier, non-profit organization devoted to the Film Arts. More than 85% of our revenues come from membership and ticket sales alone. By joining SIFF Group you'll enjoy great films, all year long, for free.

During the Film Festival, SIFF Group members save on festival tickets and merchandise. Throughout the year, our 1,600 members are treated to numerous events and films. This year, our members attended special advance preview screenings of films like Duck Season, Unknown White Male with director Rupert Murray, Tsotsi, Innocent Voices, Capote, North Country, House of D featuring Q&A with writer/director David Duchovny and with writer/director Todd Solondz. Since March 2005, we have given away over 19,000 movie seats!

Portions of all memberships are tax-deductible. For a complete list of member benefits, please click here.

For more information about SIFF Group call 206.464.5830.


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