Seattle International Film Festival 2003 : May 22nd - June 15th
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The Bookshop (2002)
Tunisia, France
103 minutes

Back in Tunis after a failed affair in Paris, Jamil gets a job in his friend Tarek’s bookshop. He soon learns that below the placid surface, all is not perfect, and complications ensue caused by Tarek’s live-wire wife and attractive mother. Warm in tone, the film is a hugely promising directorial debut.

Short Feature: A Love Supreme (Nilesh Patel, Great Britain) The director pays tribute to his mother's nurturing ways through the seemingly simple preparation of samosas.

Nawfel Saheb-Ettaba

Hend Sabri
Ahmed El-Haffiene
Gafsi Gafsi

5/25 4:00 pm
Harvard Exit

5/28 7:00 pm
Harvard Exit