Seattle International Film Festival 2003 : May 22nd - June 15th
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Kopps (2002)
90 minutes
US Premiere

When bureaucrats in rural Sweden want to close down their police station, the local cops try to scare up a crime wave to save their jobs without actually committing a crime. They succeed beyond their wildest dreams, a hungry-for-action SWAT team is sent in, and mayhem breaks out. A hilarious crime spoof follow-up to Fares’ debut hit “Jalla! Jalla!” (SIFF 2000).

Josef Fares

Torkel Petersson
Sissela Kyle
Christian Fiedler
Fares Fares
Göran Ragnerstam
Eva Röse

6/13 6:30 pm
Harvard Exit

6/15 11:30 am
Harvard Exit