Seattle International Film Festival 2003 : May 22nd - June 15th
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The Trilogy: On the Run (2002)
France, Belgium
111 minutes

Filmed back-to-back, each with a different story but all set in Grenoble, France, all three films use primarily the same cast while highlighting different characters. In the romantic comedy “An Amazing Couple,” a marriage is put under pressure by the strange behavior of the hypochondriac husband. “On the Run” is a film noir about a terrorist who escapes from prison and proves that dinosaurs can still cause a lot of damage. “After Life” is a melodrama, the story of a hotshot young detective who has struggled for years to conceal his wife’s morphine addiction from his friends and colleagues. A unique viewing experience, the films should be viewed in order for maximum effect.

Lucas Belvaux

Catherine Frot
Dominique Blanc
François Morel
Ornella Muti
Lucas Belvaux

6/8 4:00 pm
Pacific Place Cinemas

6/9 4:45 pm
Pacific Place Cinemas