Seattle International Film Festival 2003 : May 22nd - June 15th
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Spawned in Seattle: Short Films (2003)
United States
75 minutes

Celebrating the accomplishments of Seattle filmmakers, this program showcases cinematic delights conceived, created, shot or finished in the Pacific Northwest.

Pan With Us
United States, 2003
4 minutes
Director: David Russo
Inspired by a Robert Frost poem, PAN BY US is a visually stunning short film about the ancient Greek demigod moving through an urban environment.

Honing The Edge
United States, 2002
14 minutes
Director: James Canfield
Passion can define the moment but can it define the relationship? Two people explore every inch of each other, trying to find the one place they become united.

United States, 2003
8 minutes
Director: Greg Walsh
Determined to escape the tyranny of the Soviet gulag, writer Dimitri Scherbakov dreams of his Parisian lover as he commits his one final act of defiance.

80’s Ending
United States, 2002
9 minutes
Director: Douglas Jordan
Our hero, Steve Loushman, mounts the steps and defiantly looks over the assembled crowd—a cacophony of parachute pants, florescent colors and FLASH DANCE-torn sweatshirts. Everyone waits with baited breath for the universal ending to every eighties comedy ever made.

United States, 2003
5 minutes
Directors: Dayna Hanson & Gaelen Hanson
Featuring Seattle-based dance theater-company 33 Fainting Spells, ENTRY is a peaceful moment staged on the narrow bounds of an overgrown sidewalk.

United States, 2003
20 minutes
Director: Michael Cross
A modern day cowboy and a lonely traveler can’t get in sync until they discover that a harmonica is the key to their tune.

United States, 2002
3 minutes
Director: Dalton Rose
An umbrella in the sun leads to a moment between brothers that will leave audiences touched by the rain.

It Just Is
United States, 2002
21 minutes
Director: Scott Phillips
What do you ask God when he comes to dinner? When put in the hot seat by a young girl’s query a suburban family is shocked to find out that even God doesn’t have all the answers.

United States, 2002
Director: Ross Williams
A lonely girl falls for a handsome boy -- but a jealous rat has them all tied up in knots!

5/25 1:45 pm
Broadway Performance Hall