Seattle International Film Festival 2003 : May 22nd - June 15th
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Camp and Circumstance (2003)
United States
90 minutes

A hilarious collection of short films that traverse the blurry line between humor and vulgarity.

United States
6 minutes
Directors: Michael Canzoniero & Marco Ricci
Ace Bivone has been fighting a battle every waking hour, minute and second of his life. The enemy? Time. If there is a way to save a second, Ace will teach you how.

United States, 2002
11 minutes
Director: Angela Robinson
Four debutantes disguised in plaid skirts form D.E.B.S., a highly trained paramilitary group determined to save the world. Their current mission: to fight Lucy in the Sky, their lesbian nemesis and leader of worldwide terrorism.

Twin Set
United States
13 minutes
Director: Eva Saks
An over-the-top satire, this short film pits identical twins, Lavinia and Virginia Albatross, on opposite sides of the political and familial spectrum.

United States. 2002
14 minutes

Director: Danny Lukic
Shocking interviews and rare behind-the-scene footage from off-Broadway’s longest running hit musical, DOGS! After you see this, you will understand why these stars are destined to be Broadway’s bitches!

Clark, the Canadian Hockey Goalie
United States
8 minutes
Director: George Plamondon
Legendary hockey player Clark leaves the Saskatchewan Moose Lodge Hockey League to play ball.

Going Down
United States, 2002
5 minutes
Director: Dominic Inzana
Trapped in an elevator with a raging lunatic, our victim desperately grabs his cell phone to call the only person who can save him. A wickedly funny short with unexpected twists and turns.

Triple Threat
United States, 2002
23 minutes
Directors: Joshua J. Smith and Wayne McClammy
A fast and furious flashback to the early 1980’s, TRIPLE THREAT serves up rollerskating, an outlandish DJ and a race to win the girl’s heart.

Men of Action
United States, 2003
10 minutes
Director: Todd Grossman
Best friends Burt Delft and Jerry Urbetski dream of becoming Tinsel town’s big time action heroes. Together these two buff Bad Boys try to jump, fly and fight their way onto Hollywood’s A-List.

6/3 7:00 pm
Broadway Performance Hall