Seattle International Film Festival 2003 : May 22nd - June 15th
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Beyond the Twilight Zone (2003)
United States
96 minutes

An eclectic package of shorts that delves deep into the odd, bizarre and unexpected. Bring your imagination and travel to a different dimension.

Canada, 2002
13 minutes
Director: Brett Bell
A true survivor, our heroine bolts out of town in her 1966 Charger to find a desolate blueberry patch where she finally finds a place for her special delivery.

Nights Like These
United States, 2002
15 minutes
Director: Gadi Harel
Adam’s uninspired life leaves his shadow utterly bored; in the depth of night, his shadow escapes and bargains with one of the shadiest for a swap.

FRANCE, 2002
20 minutes
Director: Kathleen Mann
Alain Avantil wanders the streets of Paris searching for a job. Large architectural structures loom behind him, nameless suits pass him by and along the way he loses his most valued possession—himself.

Excursion AUSTRALIA, 2002
3 minutes
Director: Cris Jones
A quick, witty, satirical look at the absurdity of life, covering everything from a golf club wielding midget to a coffee cup with an attitude.

Bill’s Seat
United States, 2003
15 minutes
Director: Karl Shefelman
Stranded by a flat tire, a stranger wanders into a local bar to call home and wait for the repairs. While sipping his drink he is accosted by a band of locals. Suddenly, he realizes that he is sitting in somebody else’s seat.

Untitled: 003-Embryo
United States, 2002
30 minutes
Director: Mike Goedecke
An agoraphobic man uses a mysterious dream-streaming device to delve deeper into delirium and ultimately set himself free.

6/10 9:30 pm
Broadway Performance Hall