Seattle International Film Festival 2003 : May 22nd - June 15th
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Animate Magnetism (2003)
United States
92 minutes

A collection of animated shorts running the gamut from traditional cell, claymation & stop-motion, to CGI—all highlighting the best the field has to offer.

The Curtain is Open
14 minutes
Director: Sergio Catá Riobóo
A series of twenty-six claymation episodes wherein the audience must guess each installment’s title. ¿Como se llama le película?

Einstein’s Playground
United States
17 minutes
Director: Matthew Heckerling
Using live-action and CGI elements, Einstein’s theories of life, the universe, and everything come into startling, yet paradoxical, existence for his assistant following the physicist’s death.

The ErlKing
United States
17 minutes
Director: Ben Zelkowicz
Through sweeping sand animation, Goethe’s tragic poem of a father and child’s journey through the forest is powerfully portrayed.

The Fine Art of Poisoning
United States
6 minutes
Director: Bill Domonkos
Victorian art, chiaroscuro, and collage combine to chronicle the life and times of a slow-poisoner.

I Reason
United States
1 minute
Director: Francesca Talenti
Emily Dickinson’s eponymous poem gives new insight into the tragedy of September 11.

Roof Sex
United States
1 minute
Director: PES
Two comfy chairs, an empty roof—what could happen?

13 minutes
Director: Sjaak Meilink
A solitary fisherman passes his time sketching till one day, at sea, his drawings come to life in a fragile world guarded by the stiltwalkers.

The Toll Collector
United States/Czech Republic
10 minutes
Director: Rachel Johnson
Deformity and self-doubt mar a toll collector’s dream of becoming a ballerina.

Wallace and Gromit’s Cracking Contraptions
Great Britain
22 minutes
Director: Christopher Sadler & Loyd Price
Ten all new episodes where canine Gromit must faithfully rescue his master Wallace from the latter’s own inventive prowess.

What's Wrong with This Picture?
United States
2 minutes
Director: Jeffrey Travis
Please, please be careful with how you use your crayons.

5/24 4:00 pm
Broadway Performance Hall