Seattle International Film Festival 2003 : May 22nd - June 15th
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The Hush (2003)
United States
90 minutes

Often life's most poignant moments leave us silent in reflection; these shorts beautifully illustrate those instances when words become unnecessary.

(Kristina Sisco, USA) 6 minutes
While at a party, young Abigail sneaks away into the attic only to find her perfect dancing partner.

Dimensionless Woman
(Anita Salomone, USA) 12 minutes
When beautiful yet insecure Valerie ventures to the library, the visit becomes a Kafka-esque parody of the singles’ scene.

Last Light
(Tim Folkmann, Canada) 7 minutes
For a man struggling alone through a snowy night, a struck match ignites dreamy recollections of the past.

(Kenneth Branagh, Great Britain) 23 minutes
At a spiritual retreat where speech is forbidden, a man and a woman find their budding relationship growing painfully complicated beneath the weight of words unsaid.

(Jonathan LeMond, USA) 12 minutes
Winner: Best Short, Berlin Film Festival. When a homeless pickpocket plucks away a Swiss army knife from a shopkeeper, she realizes only too late how the act will alter her own conscience.

(Ted Bourne, USA) 4 minutes
A girl with most curious hair seeks love at Coney Island.

A Tall Tale
(Jeffrey Blatt, Canada) 15 minutes
During a visit to his favorite café, Herman, an extraordinarily tall woodworker, finds his complacent life shaken by a brilliant orange handkerchief’s diminutive owner.

(Chandler Pohl, USA) 10 minutes
A chance encounter with the object of your frustrated, erotic desires can be quite liberating.

6/1 1:45 pm
Broadway Performance Hall