Seattle International Film Festival 2003 : May 22nd - June 15th
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Passport Stamps (2003)
United States
106 minutes

Poland, Dublin, Copenhagen, Cameroon, Sydney — this whirlwind itinerary of international shorts includes favorites from the festival circuit to world premiere masterpieces. And all without having to travel coach!

(Adam Guzinski, Poland) 28 minutes
In this frighteningly primal piece of filmmaking, a boy believes himself to be the Antichrist and proceeds to lead his friends in a series of bizarre rituals.

The Cowboy Loses His Boots
(Christian Svanes Kolding, Denmark) 24 minutes
When DJ Cowboy awakens to discover his boots stolen, he begins an odyssey through the Copenhagen Country / Western scene in search of “The Dane.”

The Last
(Steven Benedict, Ireland) 16 minutes
As her fiancé attempts to evict an old shoemaker (David Kelly from Waking Ned Devine), Kitty visits the cobbler’s shop only to discover the secret promise that drives his work.

(Victor Viyouh, Cameroon) 14 minutes
Two brothers vie for their mother’s affection by seeing who between them can collect the most termites.

Spoon Man
(Dirs. Daniel Di Marco and Heath Davis) 24 minutes
Exploiting the niche market for post-coital tenderness, Jerry cozies up close to women when their husbands can’t … or won’t. Now if only he could understand the irony of his own situation.

6/5 9:30 pm
Broadway Performance Hall