Seattle International Film Festival 2003 : May 22nd - June 15th
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Yes Nurse, No Nurse (2003)
104 minutes
US Premiere

Buzby Berkley goes Dutch treat in this delirious, all-singing, all-dancing romantic comedy revolving around the the eccentric denizens of an Amsterdam rest home and the killjoy neighbour who wants the whole lot of them evicted. Chock full of over-the-top ‘60s set design, tinted postcard tableaux and lush, split-screen visuals, the film’s musical numbers give new meaning to the word ‘camp’ (typefied by a cheerfully rude “Fuch... Fuch... Fuchsia” routine that needs no subtitling).

Pieter Kramer

Loes Luca
Paul R. Kooij
Paul de Leeuw

6/12 7:00 pm

6/15 6:30 pm
Egyptian Theatre