Seattle International Film Festival 2003 : May 22nd - June 15th
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Nancy Locke Publicity and Promotions 632.5820

American Splendor - Fine Line
Angela - First Look
Autumn Spring - First Look
A Decade Under the Influence - IFC
Camp - IFC
Cabin Fever - Lion's Gate
The Hard Word - Lion's Gate
Mondays in the Sun - Lion's Gate
Sweet Sixteen - Lion's Gate
Chaos - New Yorker
To Be and To Have - New Yorker
In This World - Sundance
The Other Side of the Bed - Sundance
The Event - Thinkfilm
The Heart of Me - Thinkfilm

Allied MacDonald - Laura Bobovski 297.7064

I Capture the Castle - IDP
Secret Lives of Dentist - Manhatttan Pictures
Buffalo Soldiers - Miramax
Chicago Sing Along - Miramax
Dirty Pretty Things - Miramax
Jet Lag - Miramax
Magdalene Sisters - Miramax
Valentin - Miramax
Whale Rider - Newmarket

Terry Hines and Associates 343.8000

Christina Hammer

So Close - Columbia Tri-Star/Strand

Christina Hammer and Amanda Sloane

Bollywood/Hollywood - Magnolia
Bukowski: Born Into This - Magnolia
Capturing the Friedmans - Magnolia
Trilogy Series - Magnolia

Christina Hammer and Therese Youssoufian

Demonlover - Palm Pictures
The Eye - Palm Pictures
The Housekeeper - Palm Pictures
The Sea - Palm Pictures
Stoked: The Rise and Fall of Gator - Palm Pictures
Springtime in a Small Town - Palm Pictures

Therese Youssoufian

Northfork - Paramount Classics

Nancy Jenkins

Together - MGM - United Artists
The CuckooMGM - Sony Pictures Classics
The Legend of Suriyothai - Sony Pictures Classics
Once Upon A Time in the Midlands - Sony Pictures Classics
Owning Mahowny - Sony Pictures Classics
Respiro - Sony Pictures Classics
When the Cat's Away - Sony Pictures Classics

Janet Wainwright Publicity and Promotions 935.3608

L’Auberge Espagnole - Fox Searchlight
Garage Days - Fox Searchlight

Henry Penner 323.466.0404

Nancy Richter 206.937.1842
Direct Order

Pearson Brown 310.994.7057
The Gift

Duffy Hecht 310.989.3467
King of the Ants

Regina Santos 323.848.3099
Nudity Required